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Rationale for replacing IVIG with Intralipid (IL) for immunological pregnancy loss by Christo Zouves, M.D. Recurrent Pregnancy Loss The reason that an embryo may not implant successfully is either because there is something intrinsically wrong with the embryo itself or there may be something wrong with the uterine environment either a physical problem or a… Read more


Embryo Vitrification at Zouves Fertility Center (San Francisco Bay Area) Volume 13-1 Egg Vitrification… The New “Flash Freeze” A new technique for egg and embryo cryopreservation has recently been described and perfected in Japan. This technique, called vitrification or “changing into glass” is similar to what is commonly known as “flash freeze.” Because fewer ice… Read more

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There are all kinds of resources available to learn about fertility treatment. Many patients enlist the advice of their primary care physician or their gynecologist, or a close friend who may have had a similar experience; some utilize the Internet or read one of the many books now available. Regardless of how you educate yourself… Read more