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Commonly Asked Questions About Ovum Donation

by Shelley M. Tarnoff, JD, LMFT ( What is the role of the agency in ovum donation? The ovum donor agency provides profiles of available donors for review by Intended Parents.  The profiles contain photos of the donor (and donor’s children, if any), medical history, educational/employment background and essays.  In most cases the information is… Read more

Reducing Stress and Enhancing Well Being During the IVF Cycle

by Shelley Tarnoff, JD, LMFT Undergoing infertility treatments can be one of the most challenging times in life.  Coping with medical procedures, emotional issues and financial pressures requires determination, commitment and courage.  The following suggestions are offered as ways to reduce stress and enhance well-being as you proceed with cycle: Educate yourself:  Make sure you… Read more

Selecting an Ovum Donor

by Shelley M. Tarnoff, JD, LMFT (  Making the shift to ovum donation can be a challenging one.  For many patients coming to terms with the loss of a genetic connection means letting go of a life long dream.  Including a third party in family building efforts requires an adjustment, and selecting the “right donor”… Read more

Gestational Surrogacy Zouves Fertility Center

Christo Zouves, M.D.  What is surrogacy? There are two types of surrogacy.  The first, Classical Surrogacy, involves the insemination of a surrogate with the sperm of the father-to-be.  The surrogate contributes her genes to the make-up of the child, carries the baby to term, and then gives up the child for adoption to the Intended… Read more