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Viral video shows wife announcing pregnancy after 5 years of infertility

via the Daily American by Faith Heaton Jolley, KSL Grab the tissues. A YouTube video of a woman announcing to her husband that she is pregnant after five years of infertility has gone viral and will hit you right in the feelers. Doug Price and his wife Brenda created the video as part of a… Read more

34 Quotes on Surviving Infertility

                By AmateurNester via BlogHer Below is an excerpt, to read the full article visit here:   For the past 34 weeks, I’ve been privileged to interview men and women who have been through infertility and survived. I’ve learned so much from their experiences, and I thought… Read more

3 Reasons I Haven’t Told People I’m Doing IVF

            by Melissa Miles McCarter via Huffington Post Other than posting in Facebook support groups and talking to a few family members, I have not “come out” about my choice to do IVF. I have been open about having secondary infertility since my daughter died of SIDS in 2003. But… Read more

To the Women Who Aren’t Mothers on Mother’s Day

            Via Stephanie Baroni-Cook of Huffington Post  As a first-time mother who had complications with conception, I know all too well the sting that Mother’s Day can have for the many women out there who are on the trying-to-conceive roller coaster. The week leading up to Mother’s Day is always painful for… Read more

Infertility — It Happens to Models Too

          via Barbara Collura of The Huffington Post April 19-25, 2015 marks National Infertility Awareness Week and this year,RESOLVE: The National Infertility Association is urging the infertility community to share their stories about the infertility and family building journey. Infertility, a disease of the reproductive system, impacts 1 in 8 couples… Read more