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Straight From the Desk of Dr. Zouves: Happy Father’s Day

I know I am a lucky man. From personal experience, I know how life altering it is to become a father. My 30 years in IVF has allowed me and the team at ZFC to bring this experience to thousands of men who come from all parts of the globe. My wonderful wife and I… Read more

“First Fatherhood Moments” Viral Video for Father’s Day

  This one has us all choked up. Looks like Dove has done it again- another viral video, this one just in time for Father’s Day. Check out this moving montage of men finding out they’re about to become new dads. Even if it is a commercial in the end, we love how it shows… Read more

Miscarriage: A Poem from a Man’s Perspective

  We were so touched by this. In all the thoughts and celebration leading up to Father’s Day this Sunday, we want to take a moment to share this poem about miscarriage from a man’s point of view. We feel so much compassion for anyone who has been through this- especially at this time of… Read more

How Technology Helped Us Build Our Modern Family

by K. K. Goldberg via Huffington Post   If we could fall in love online, then just maybe, we could make a baby in a dish. That’s what I told myself after three years of agonized infertility. Nothing could soothe the ache of so much failed babymaking, except perhaps the strength I felt in… Read more

Fully Human

by Josephine Skriver via Huffington Post                 My name is Josephine Skriver, and I am many things. I am human. I have the capacity to love and to be loved. I feel empathy. I have a mind that allows me to form opinions and to gain perspective on… Read more