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By AmateurNester via BlogHer

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For the past 34 weeks, I’ve been privileged to interview men and women who have been through infertility and survived. I’ve learned so much from their experiences, and I thought I’d share my favorite quotes in today’s post. Click on the name after each quote to read the entire interview.

  • “You’re not alone. Speak out. We need to be loud to be recognized.” -Angela
  • “Keep the end in mind… Continue to have hope. God calls us to lay our troubles at His feet and trust that He can handle it. And He can!” -Ashley
  • “Don’t listen to people who tell you how you’re supposed to feel – the only one who gets to decide that is you.” -Becky
  • “If a door closes in your face, kick down another one. With a little humor and hope in your heart, the path the parenthood may not be how you envisioned it but you will have the family you are destined for.” -Candace
  • “Trust [God’s] word. Have faith even when it doesn’t seem easy. While you wait, enjoy the time you have now, with your husband and with the Lord. Share your story with others. Ask for prayer. Attend healing services if you can. Share your testimony.” -Caroline
  • “Going through years-long infertility struggles is not for the faint of heart. It can either make or break your marital relationship. Make the determined commitment that no matter what happens, you and your husband were…and are a couple first.” -Cheryl
  • “You should NEVER be made to feel bad about your desire to have your genetic children!!! You may not want to adopt. Adoption is not for everyone, and that is OKAY!!! It is okay to not want to adopt. It’s okay to want your genetic children. Adoption is not for everyone, and there is nothing at all wrong with that.” -Dana
  • “You NEED to find ways to nurture yourself through this…whatever you need to do to nurture yourself through this time, DO IT.” -Emily
  • “If you ultimately decide to take the adoption path, recognize that adopting is not a band aid for infertility. Many people outside of the process will think that when you become a parent, you should be fixed, but that is way too much to ask of a child. They aren’t there to fix us, we have to fix ourselves.” -Geochick
  • “Coping with infertility is a process and if you rush to move forward before you are ready it may set you backwards in the long run. Allow yourself to process everything you are feeling.” -Greg
  • “For guys: As difficult as it may be, let rip with your emotions. Don’t bottle them up because it will not end well.” -Jay

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