Fertility Success Rates

At Zouves Fertility Center through PGT-A and IVF with Delayed Transfer we are able to identify one normal embryo for transfer and improve your chance of pregnancy and decrease your chance of miscarriage.

We maintain our commitment of nondiscrimination based on age, marital status and sexual orientation. We continue to treat patients for whom IVF is medically indicated, even if their chance of success may be less than age-matched controls. Zouves Fertility Center is committed to tailoring our care to individual patient needs.

Visit our Preimplantation Genetic Testing-Aneuploidy or IVF with Delayed Transfer sections for more information about our success rates.

Explanation of the Society of Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART) Statistics

SART has a national database for reporting fertility treatment outcomes. The report is generated by SART and published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The system assures consistency in reporting center outcomes throughout the United States.

Zouves Fertility Center has been a member of SART since 1999 and continues to submit data on an annual basis. Our statistics can be viewed on their website.

The following data demonstrates our experience with PGT-A in the identification of normal embryos.







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