Dear Dr. Zouves,

It’s been one year since our precious little miracle was born. Olivia Grace was born on November 16 to much fanfare. Gregg and I have been down a long, bumpy road to get to this glorious place, and now I can finally say it was all worth it.

You are in my thoughts often. I’m so thankful that we found you to be our doctor. Your encouragement, honesty, kindness, knowledge and caring kept us trying even longer than I would have thought we could or would try. We made it through eight artificial inseminations, six IVF’s and two failed adoptions – a very difficult path but with the most amazing gift on the other side. We will be forever grateful to you for helping us have our sweet, sweet baby. Your job must be very difficult – we’ve received sad news from you in the past – and you have handled it with the perfect amount of caring and facts, and encouragement when appropriate. However, the joy you bring to people’s lives is almost unfathomable. Thank you, Dr. Zouves, for getting us to the other side!

Olivia Grace is the most beautiful and smart baby! (You hear that all the time, right?) She amazes us constantly and has already been walking for well over a month! She is also a very happy baby, full of infectious smiles and a magnetic personality that draws in more admirers daily. Most importantly, she has brought an overwhelming amount of happiness to our family that only parents could appreciate. I can’t begin to tell you how much we love being a family of three. I hope that she can meet you someday, although I doubt she’ll ever understand how much you have helped us.

Please accept our deepest gratitude to you and your amazing team. Your Center’s Mission Statement – Hope. Success. Family. – describes perfectly the incredible journey that we have been through. We are so thankful for your caring approach and perseverance that helped to successfully turn eight long years of hope into a blessed family.

Shannon, Gregg and Olivia Grace

Dear Dr. Christo Zouves,

Lindsay and I would like to thank you so much for your help in bringing Garett, our precious new son, to our world!

Like so many of those you help, we felt we had no more options in our dream to have a child of our own. Our previous doctor had no new options for us after 2 failed cycles, had no new ideas on how to proceed, and most importantly, offered us little hope of a possible solution.

Meeting you re-invigorated our passion to continue with IVF, your experience, positive outlook and clear plan on how to proceed gave us an excited confidence to entrust you with such an important part of our lives.

Though this letter is in essence a “customer satisfaction” letter, clearly the IVF service you provide changes the lives of those you help in amazing ways they could never thank you enough for.

We want to thank you for how you helped us. Garett is the best thing that’s ever happened to us, and we can only marvel that he started out as an embryo that you and your staff helped us create. We are committed to creating the safest, most nurturing home for Garett as he continues to grow and develop, we cherish every moment we have with him and anxiously watch as he grows and develops. We love him more and more each day.

With incredible thanks and gratitude,
Javad, Lindsay and Garett

Dear Dr. Zouves,

We’ve been trying to compose this note ever since that wonderful day we received the news that we were finally pregnant, but every time we tried to express our gratitude to you, there just didn’t seem to be adequate words so this thank you is long overdue!!

Our twin boys were born June 11 (37 weeks by C-section). Noah David weighed 4lb 11oz and Kai Alexander was 6lb 11oz. Truly without your help, we would not have been blessed with our miracle boys.

After five years of infertility including six IUI’s and three IVF’s without a single pregnancy, we were told that surrogacy was our only hope of biological children but then friends told us of a doctor who had succeeded where others failed. We came to you with all our last hopes and you were everything and more than we’d hoped. Thank you for being so caring and treating us as a unique couple rather than just another caseload. We had the utmost confidence in your decisions and knew we were in the best of hands. Truly, you are an amazing human being and we feel blessed to have crossed your path.

So thank you again, Dr. Zouves – our family is forever indebted to you!

Elaine and Mark

Dr. Zouves and Staff,

Hello, I hope all is well. While I have been home-resting and hoping, I have had a chance to reflect on all the kindness everyone at Zouves Fertility Center showed me during this IVF cycle. The professionalism, enthusiasm, and patience meant so very much! Infertility treatments touch on such a myriad of emotions and anxiety that the support and empathy you all displayed are far more appreciated than I could ever convey, but THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!

With great appreciation and admiration,

Dear Dr. Zouves,

Today we shared in a wonderful celebration – Kristin’s kindergarten graduation ceremonies. Although it’s been almost six years since Kristin’s birth, we were, once again, overcome with emotion and gratitude to you for helping making this special day in our lives possible. With every milestone that Kristin marks, we thank you and God for our miracle child.

Warmest Regards,
Timothy and Jean

Hi Dr. Zouves. An update for you!

It’s Monica here…just wanted to let you know what’s going on with us. The babies appear to be perfectly healthy and growing nicely. I’m 19 weeks today and they are measuring right on target. It’s a boy and a girl!! We can’t believe our luck and are absolutely thrilled. My MD group is great, very thorough and on top of things. Again, thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your help…It’s amazing that last year I was told by another RE that I would have less than a 1% chance of having a child and here I am with 2 healthy children on the way.

It truly is a “dream come true” for us. I can’t say enough about you, Dr. Barnes and your staff for the excellent care I received. Your positive attitude really made the difference for me.

All the best to you,
Monica and Sean

Hello Dr. Zouves!!!

We are pleased and proud to announce the arrival of Robert Bruce and Cameron Taylor, born on June 24th. He weighed 5 lb. 4 oz. and she weighed 5 lb. 3oz. They have been home for a week now and are doing great. We love being parents for the first time. God has answered our prayers all along (He answered our first prayer which was to lead us to the best doctor) and now we have 2 happy, healthy babies, and our family is complete. You’re dedication and professionalism are to be admired, and we certainly will continue to owe you a depth of gratitude for the rest of our lives.

Thank You,

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