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Dear Dr. Zouves,

I sit down to write this letter but I don’t know how to fully thank you for the gift of life that you gave us. We feel so blessed to have our son, Thomas. After seeing two other doctors, you were the only one that was thorough in your testing prior to the cycle therefore allowing me to get pregnant. I truly believe if it were not for you, we would not have our precious miracle to hold. Thank you. Thank you also for the wonderful care and encouragement you gave me during my cycle. Your knowledge and concern made me feel as though this could happen for us. You have truly found your purpose in life. We will forever be grateful for giving us the chance to conceive.

With Great Respect and Admiration,
Elizabeth and Frank

Dear Dr. Zouves,

My name is Julie and I am now 37 weeks pregnant I am due on December 12 or somewhere about there and we are almost 100% certain it is a little girl. This venture, though tough at times, is all worth it. My husband and I can’t wait to see our precious little gift and when I say gift it is truly a gift. My husband, Brian and I had tried for 10 years to get pregnant and it never worked. We were both frustrated and didn’t know where to turn. We had thought about adoption and IVF and decided to try IVF and see what happens. We heard about Dr. Zouves from some acquaintances and friends of my sister. So we took the step and met with Dr. Zouves over the phone. There were no promises made but the signs of Hope were all over the place in our conversation. It was this hope that drove us to continue the process.

We did have hurdles to overcome, but they were small in comparison to our new joy. There are many diagnostic tests (particularly for me) and many shots to be given/taken but keeping the goal in perspective and the hope from Dr. Zouves we made it through. One note about the diagnostic tests, we have found that other doctors don’t do as complete a job as Dr. Zouves. I really appreciated the fact that he was willing to investigate fully what possible cause could be preventing us from getting pregnant and now we have a full family history and other diagnostics that we would never have had, had not Dr. Zouves requested that we do them.

Overall, the inexperience of us regarding IVF was of no concern because the experience of Dr. Zouves and staff basically held our hand throughout the whole process ensuring that we never felt displaced. Our overall experience was great.


Dr. Zouves,

Thank you for a + cycle! Thank you for believing in me! Thank you for researching immune therapy! Thank you for taking the time to be so thorough! Thank you for being so kind! Thank you for the personal phone calls! Thank you for being honest! Thank you for being so personable! Thank you for being willing to work with the ladies everyone else has given up on! Whether this worked or not I just can’t tell enough ladies what an incredible experience I had at Zouves Fertility!!!!

Big hugs,

Dear Dr. Zouves,

I cannot thank you enough for helping Bernard and I achieve this pregnancy. Beyond your skill as a physician, you have consistently shown me so much patience, kindness and compassion. You have always listened to my concerns and respected my opinions that helped me tremendously as we have gone through the treatments. Early on, I felt like my body was somehow rejecting the embryos, and I am so thankful for your knowledge and beliefs in treating the immune system. Your staff is also wonderful and supportive. The only bad thing is you have set a very high standard that I don’t think a lot of doctors can live up to. I’ll always remember and appreciate what you have done for us.

Take care,
Joan and Bernard

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