Announcing Bundled IVF Services


At Zouves Fertility Center, just half a unit can now cover IVF by ICSI with CCS, or a cycle of egg freezing.

ZFC is proud to partner with Progyny, which offers employer benefit plans and bundled services. We all remember the big headlines when some major tech companies in Silicon Valley announced they would start providing Egg Freezing benefits for employees. Now, there’s a second wave of fertility benefits, which reach far beyond just Egg Freezing.
Call (800) 800-1160 and mention Progyny to find out more about bundled services.

What makes ZFC different?

  • Dr. Christo Zouves has been helping patients build the families of their dreams for more than 30 years.
  • Dr. Zouves is the sole physician at ZFC, which means every patient gets the one-on-one, individualized care they deserve.
  • ZFC is a leading fertility clinic in the Bay Area. We combine the latest in cutting-edge science with a holistic approach to IVF.

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