Thank You, Mark and Priscilla, for Sharing About Pregnancy Loss

by Anna Almendrala via HuffPost Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan are finally pregnant with a healthy baby after three miscarriages, and the way they announced their joy — by acknowledging the pain it took to get there — gave hope to me and millions of other women who have experienced pregnancy loss. It also helped… Read more

IVF and Infertility By The Numbers

                  By David Sable via As investors we “do the math.” In observance of National Infertility Awareness Week (NAIW), a little IVF math: The latest Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology annual report shows 61,740 babies were born from in vitro fertilization procedures performed in 2012. Since… Read more

Confessions Of An Infertile Guy

  via The Bump Since the dawn of time, we men have been pre-programmed with two biological imperatives. Number 1: to bravely kill bathtub spiders; and number 2: to reproduce. (Actually, I really should have ordered those in reverse.) So what happens when we find out we’re infertile? The time I found out I was,… Read more

Egg Freezing Demystified: FAQs

Straight From the Desk of Dr. Zouves: Happy Father’s Day

I know I am a lucky man. From personal experience, I know how life altering it is to become a father. My 30 years in IVF has allowed me and the team at ZFC to bring this experience to thousands of men who come from all parts of the globe. My wonderful wife and I… Read more