Bobby’s Bears


One Zouves Fertility Center IVF miracle is growing up and making a big difference!

CHP officers call little Bobby Redman a superhero. Through his foundation, Bobby’s Bandaid Brigade, Bobby has donated enough teddy bears to comfort 5,000 kids.

Bobby’s father, Mark, explains: “When a parent is killed or injured in an auto accident and has to be separated from their child, the child has to be locked in the back seat of the 1st responding CHP vehicle…This can be a traumatic 20-30 minutes for the child. A Teddy bear gives them something to hold on to during this time.”

When Bobby heard about this situation, he knew he could make a difference. Bobby, along with his friends and their parents, donated enough money to put a teddy bear in every CHP 1st responder vehicle throughout the entire state of California. That was just in Bobby’s first year of effort.

Bobby will be a third grader next year. He has hosted fundraisers for the CHP for the past three years now and he has no plans of stopping!

“None of this would have been possible without Dr. Zouves,” said Mark. “He’s an extremely vital part of everything Bobby has been able to accomplish. We love Dr. Zovues and his staff and owe them everything.”

A $20 donation can help comfort 10 different children. To find out how you can help, visit: