Getting Started

What information is required prior to setting up an appointment with ZFC?
What routine testing is required prior to IVF at ZFC?

During Treatment

Are the procedures involved in IVF painful? Are patients’ awake during the procedures?
What are the side effects of IVF medications on babies?
What are the side effects of medications used in IVF on patients?
Which injectable fertility medications are used by Zouves Fertility Center?
What other fertility medications might be prescribed during treatment?
What is the policy of ZFC on storing embryos for patients?

General Questions

How do out-of-state patients do IVF cycles at Zouves Fertility Center?
What are options for women over 40 years of age?
How does Zouves Fertility Center help manage stress, grief and loss during a cycle?
Out of five cycles of IVF, on three occasions a pregnancy test was negative, the other two showed a low positive that never progressed to a pregnancy. What is wrong?
Can fibroids interfere with IVF?
In my last IVF cycle, I was told that my eggs were of poor quality, and I was hospitalized with severe abdominal pain and swelling post-procedure. Can there be another issue?
Does endometriosis affect fertility? Can it affect IVF success?

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