Financial Plans

We realize the cost of fertility treatments is important in choosing an IVF center. We work hard to control the cost of treatment options and have developed financial alternatives to address these concerns without any sacrifice to high quality care.

Please note there are additional costs associated with each plan. A more detailed explanation of those charges will be explained during the financial consultation. Each patient will have the opportunity to speak with a Financial Coordinator before making a decision to proceed with treatment, ensuring that the plan best suited to your individual situation is selected.

Use your units wisely: Your employer may be contracted with Progyny.  Just half a unit can cover IVF by ICSI with PGT or a cycle of Egg Freezing.  Contact our office today to find out more 800-800-1160.

Medical Criteria must be met in order to qualify for the Shared Responsibility Plan or the Option Plan.

Egg Freezing Plans

Single Cycle $8,945
Two Cycles $15,950
Three Cycles $22,950

IVF Services

IVF Freeze All Embryos $10,045
Freeze All Using Fresh Donor Egg $11,530
Freeze All Using Frozen Donor Eggs $7,070
Frozen Embryo Transfer $5,105

Included in services:

  • Monitoring
  • Anesthesia
  • One (1) egg retrieval procedure

IVF Financial Assistance Plan

Based on annual income. *Only available to United States residents.

Male Factor

ICSI $2,650
TESE $4,150

General Payment Policy

Payment is due in full one week prior to commencing medications.


We are happy to bill an insurance carrier as a courtesy for our patients. We will still require payment in full for the cycle, which is due one week prior to the cycle start date.

Fees are subject to change without notice.

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