From The Desk Of Dr. Zouves

Dear Patients:

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly changed us forever and we will all need to be reevaluating how we go about our lives both socially and from a work perspective.

As you know, we have not been doing any treatment either stimulation and retrieval or transfer in the month of April. We are opening again for retrievals and transfers starting May 1. The practice will look a lot different. Given that the well-being of our patients and staff remains our top priority, we are planning thoughtful and pragmatic ways to ensure that we continue to provide a safe environment.

Patient visits will be staggered and we will be maintaining the proscribed distance between working spaces. Certain common areas will be closed and we will enforce strict social distancing. Everyone will be wearing a mask and eye protection and we will be administering questionnaires to both staff and patients. We will also monitor the temperature before entering the office space.

Everyone will be tested for COVID-19 and staff will be tested at least biweekly so that we can identify any asymptomatic carriers. We have also instituted daily sign in and confirmation of no changes in symptoms, contacts, or travel.

If you are interested in resuming treatment or are ready to begin the process of IVF please contact our office at 800-800-1160.

We look forward to seeing you all soon.

Christo Zouves, MD
Zouves Fertility Center
Zouves Foundation For Reproductive Medicine

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