Getting Started

Below is an outline of what to expect leading up to and during a treatment cycle. All steps will be customized to each patient’s specific needs.

1. Initial Intake
ZFC’s Patient Services team is staffed by experienced representatives who will answer questions, develop a basic clinical profile and schedule the initial consultation.
2. Physician Telephone Consultation

Dr. Zouves will review your medical history and recommend a plan of action.

3. Clinical Coordinator Consultation
The Clinical Coordinator will review your recommended treatment, outline any necessary testing, forward all necessary information to get started and ensure recommended procedures are clearly explained.
4. Financial Discussion

A Financial Coordinator will review applicable plans and packages.

5. Genetic Risk Assessment

Mandatory Genetic Risk Assessment to evaluate family history and determine genetic risk.
6. Stress Management Consultation

Before and after treatment, our Clinical Counselor is available to assist with stress management.
7. Your Cycle Begins

A cycle start date will be assigned. At this point, your care is transferred to our in-cycle nurses who will assist through cycle completion.

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