Maintenance of Identity

At Zouves Fertility Center’s single comprehensive services facility, we have put rigorous procedures in place to ensure that the utmost care is taken in the identification, handling and care of gametes and embryos.

Identification and Maintenance for Gametes and Embryos

ZFC patients are given a unique computer-generated identification number that appears on all documents related to each individual’s cycle.

Each time gametes or embryos pass through our laboratory, two documents are cross-verified to ensure accuracy and maintenance of identification:

  • Patient Identification and Vitrification Document: identifies name, ID number, color code and procedure witnessing
  • Procedure Requisition: identifies the individual’s or couple’s name, ID number and treatment path

Procedure Witnessing

At Zouves Fertility Center, all critical steps in the IVF process are required to be witnessed by an accompanying embryologist or nurse:

–   Egg retrieval
–   Insemination or ICSI
–   Embryo transfer


To verify the integrity of the semen specimen collection, a nurse or medical assistant checks the ID of the male patient providing it and requests that the male patient verify his name and ID number along with that of his partner by checking the information on the label of the sample cup.


The identity of the female patient is verified and witnessed at egg retrieval by the attending embryologist by personal introduction and visually by checking the wrist ID bracelet.

In the laboratory, the witnessing embryologist reviews all associated paperwork and the culture ware prior to the execution of the procedure in progress. At the time of the embryo transfer, the embryologist performing the transfer will show by video monitoring to the patient the culture plate with the patients name and ID number, as well as announcing the patient’s name and number of embryos to be transferred.

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