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Undergoing fertility treatments, whether IVF or egg freezing, is like training for a triathlon: one has to be mentally, physically and spiritually strong. We believe in the mind/body connection and the beneficial effects of aligning for optimal results. These techniques are aimed at reducing stress and promoting positive attitudes and quality of life.

Body Mass Index

At both extremes, very thin and obese, there can be disruption of the normal process of regular, consistent ovulation and anovulation can often result. In the United States, the percent of the population that is overweight (BMI > 25) or obese (BMI > 30) has increased dramatically over the last 20 years. For men, 59% are overweight, while 20% of the total population is obese. Fewer women are overweight (51%) but more are obese (25%). Reducing BMI to below 25 can significantly improve overall health and wellness as well as fertility.


In preparing to have a baby, a healthy diet is one of the simplest lifestyle changes that will have the greatest impact on success. We recommend that all patients preparing for and going through any treatment at ZFC adjust diet in the following ways:

Eat organic produce and meats to keep the body clean of toxins.
Keep dairy and gluten-free to improve the chances of success.
Maintain a diet comprised of 30% protein, which can be in the form of nuts, meat, fish and grains.

Nutritional Supplements

We work with patients to put together a list of nutritional supplements backed by science. These vitamins and antioxidants aim to enhance egg and sperm production, potentially leading to better fertility outcomes during treatment. We know each patient has individual needs, and we keep this in mind as we formulate a supplement plan. This plan can include methyltetrahydrofolate, the metabolically active form of folic acid, in specific doses based on need. We also look at the potential benefits of taking Omega-3 fatty acids, Coenzyme Q10, Vitamin D3, as well as specific antioxidants pinpointed to be most effective and suitable for IVF and fertility. It may also be beneficial for men to take a collection of supplements geared at specifically promoting sperm health.


Smokers have an increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and pulmonary disease. Female smokers also experience risks related to menstrual and reproductive function, such as:

Conception delay
Ectopic pregnancy
Primary and secondary infertility
Spontaneous abortion

Yoga and Meditation

Engaging in yoga or meditation helps to relax the mind and body, align muscles, and reduce tension and stress.


Studies show that in preparation for treatment, acupuncture can improve ovarian response and uterine receptivity by up to 42%. There are two main acupuncture treatment plans normally recommended.

Many patients combine the two for maximum benefit:

  • Swedish protocol: requires eight treatments, twice a week for four weeks, beginning the month prior to the transfer of the fertilized eggs.
  • German protocol: requires two treatments at the time of embryo transfer, one appointment the day before embryo transfer and the other the day of or the day after.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine combines acupuncture with herbal therapy to treat and prevent disease, playing an important role in the physiological mechanisms involved with the uterus, hormones, egg development and overall health when preparing for pregnancy, during pregnancy and to prevent miscarriage. This effective form of medicine has been practiced by almost a quarter of the world’s population for 5,000 years, with evidence of Traditional Chinese Medicine for infertility dating back to 11AD.

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