ZFC One of the First in the Country to Perform Routine COVID-19 Testing on Patients and Staff In-House

For many patients and couples, COVID-19 has meant a deferral of a dream and a postponement of their plans to build a family. Zouves Fertility Center is proud to announce that we are seeing patients with an added layer of safety. 

Zouves Fertility Center is one of the first fertility clinics in the country to perform routine COVID-19 testing in-house for patients and staff, based on a highly validated testing platform.

We are now testing for COVID-19 in our own on-site lab in Foster City. All staff and patients are tested at routine intervals. An in-house, on-site laboratory, means the ability to have same-day results.

Why don’t all clinics do this?

It is a phenomenal challenge for a clinic to set up this kind of highly-validated, in-house testing, and for most clinics in the country, it would not be a possibility. Without a molecular laboratory, most centers are precluded from performing this test on-site as point-of-care equipment is not being distributed at this time.

Zouves Fertility Center was uniquely positioned to adopt this type of testing in-house as it already had an advanced molecular laboratory on-site. This laboratory housed the necessary equipment – including a qPCR instrument – and notably, a molecular biology team, both essential to set up advanced COVID-19 testing with appropriate validations. 

ZFC has always been committed to patient safety, individualized care and implementing and innovating the latest in reproductive technology. We are proud to offer this important additional safety measure to our patients during unprecedented times. To schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation with Dr. Zouves or attend a virtual IVF webinar, contact us here. 

About Zouves Fertility Center

ZFC is a leader in fertility in the Bay Area, having helped thousands of patients achieve their dreams of building a family. With over three decades of experience, Dr. Christo Zouves and his team perform the latest fertility treatments with the most technologically advanced techniques at his state of the art facility. Dr. Zouves is known for his progressive approach to fertility solutions – Maximum Science, Optimum Health – which aid in the success of helping families reach their most personal goals. The center is located in Foster City. Find out more here. 


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