Straight from the desk of Dr. Christo Zouves during National Infertility Awareness Week







National Infertility Awareness Week is drawing to a close, but at Zouves Fertility Center, this is a subject we focus on with care and compassion every day.

It is a privilege to do the job that I do with the people we have at ZFC—and I appreciate staying connected with all of you through Facebook and Twitter. Every one of my patient’s stories leaves an imprint on my heart, and getting your posts, photos of little smiling faces and updates on big family milestones always brightens my day.

I’ve been doing IVF for 30 years now and the statistic still remains. A stunning 1 in 8 couples (or 12% of married women) have trouble getting pregnant. However, infertility is not discussed as openly as this number would suggest. Last week, CNN reached out to me to discuss why this might be:

The good news is that over the course of three decades, and especially recently, I’ve witnessed some amazing advancements in reproductive science. At ZFC, we are now transferring one single embryo and achieving a 70% chance of pregnancy. Gone are the days of multiple pregnancies in my practice, and we will continue to see the incidence of multiple pregnancies continue to drop.

We’ve also begun doing the next generation sequencing in our lab at ZFC. We are able to test embryos on day 5 and choose embryos that are normal for all 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Beyond just these advances in medicine, I believe that we have to look at the whole patient– every story and history is unique. If we can combine the latest in cutting-edge science with optimizing the health of the whole body when we treat infertility, we will see our best chance of success. To find out more about our holistic approach to IVF, please visit here:

Thank you for reading, continue to be well and stay in touch!