Straight From the Desk of Dr. Zouves: Happy Father’s Day

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I know I am a lucky man. From personal experience, I know how life altering it is to become a father. My 30 years in IVF has allowed me and the team at ZFC to bring this experience to thousands of men who come from all parts of the globe.

My wonderful wife and I are blessed with a beautiful daughter and a sweet son. I love this photo of Marc and I— it was one of his first plane rides and he had a huge smile on his face as we watched the buildings shrink away below us. Despite his autism diagnosis and the inherent ups and downs, there is a huge amount of love in our family. I am unbelievably blessed: for my family, for my patients and for my incredible staff. Father’s Day is a day to remember that.

But I also know that for many of our patients and for couples who struggle with infertility, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day can be very bittersweet. To the men who have not yet been able to become dads and who are still working to achieve the dream of having a family, we’re thinking of you. No matter which reproductive path you choose, at ZFC we wish you luck on your journey.