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Considering Egg Donation

When conventional in-vitro fertilization treatments are not effective, donor eggs can enable an infertile woman to carry a pregnancy to term and give birth.

Candidates for donor egg treatments typically include:

  • Women diagnosed with premature ovarian failure
  • Women with low ovarian reserve
  • Women concerned with passing genetically transmitted disease onto a child
  • Women experiencing issues with past IVF treatment

Choosing an Egg Donor

At Zouves Fertility Center, we will help you every step of the way when choosing an egg donor. We have partnerships with several agencies to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible.


Once you select an egg donor, the donor is screened to ensure that the eggs will be of the highest quality. This helps to decrease the chance of infectious disease transmission and limits the risk of passing on genetic disorders.

An alternative to an agency donor is the option of using frozen donor eggs. These eggs come from donors who have already gone through the standard medical and psychological screenings, and whose eggs have been cryopreserved through vitrification after retrieval. While eggs are typically stored in batches of six, each cycle will most likely only generate enough embryos for a single transfer. Because of this, it is unlikely that there would be an opportunity for a sibling transfer in the future when purchasing a batch of six frozen donor eggs.

Surrogacy and Zouves Fertility Center

Surrogacy involves an arrangement where a woman carries a pregnancy to term and delivers a child for another person or couple.

There are two types of surrogacy:

  • Gestational The woman carrying the child is not genetically related to the offspring
  • Traditional The woman carrying the child has a genetic link to the child

At Zouves Fertility Center, we only coordinate gestational surrogacies.

There are many reasons individuals and couples consider using a surrogate:

  • Female infertility, which results in recurrent IVF failure or recurrent pregnancy loss that cannot be resolved
  • Gay men or single men
  • Lack of a uterus
  • Medical issues that make conception and delivery nearly impossible
  • Medical issues that make pregnancy and delivery risky

With a surrogate, parenthood can still be realized. At Zouves Fertility Center, we can assist in navigating the legalities and provide the information to make an informed decision about surrogacy.

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