Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Many couples face the issue of recurrent pregnancy loss but cannot find the answer as to why their pregnancies are unsuccessful. At Zouves Fertility Center, we work with patients to help understand why pregnancy is not ensuing and develop a customized treatment plan for each unique situation.

When trying to identify the root cause of recurrent pregnancy loss, immunological tests help ZFC to identify if the issue lies with the embryo or the uterine environment.

Embryo Problems

The most common problem related to the embryo itself is an abnormality of chromosomal number or aneuploidy. Based on the age of the egg, the proportion of embryos that are chromosomally normal ranges from approximately 60% for eggs under age 30, to as low as 5% for eggs at approximately age 45.

Uterine Environment Problems

These problems are structural, hormonal or immunological in nature:

  • Structural problems within the uterus may inhibit implantation and include endometrial polyps, submucous fibroids or intracavity adhesions.
  • Both estrogen and progesterone hormones are required for optimum preparation of the uterine lining. During IVF, these hormones are very carefully controlled and supplied, so as to avoid any recurrent pregnancy loss in IVF being attributed to hormonal issues.
  • Throughout pregnancy, the embryo — which is genetically different than the uterus itself — is in continuous communication and interaction with the maternal system by way of cytokine proteins secreted by the cells in the uterine lining. When immunological problems occur, these cells don’t send out the proper signals to the embryo, which can cause problems with adhesion and implantation.

Learn more about Immunology at Zouves Fertility Center.

During the consultation, our team of experts will discuss all possible causes of infertility as it relates to each situation. We’ll carefully and thoroughly investigate every issue and create a detailed treatment plan that works to suit each patient.

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