Why I Won’t Give Up Trying to Conceive a Baby

oddsBy Nika C. Beamon via HuffPost

Baby, maybe?

The sight of chubby little cheeks, toes and tummies always stirs up my maternal instinct. I’ve often thought I’d be fine if I never marry but not if I don’t have a baby. Yet, doctors have told me, since my mid-twenties that my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and autoimmune condition may make it impossible for me to give birth to a child.

I almost proved them wrong once. I was pregnant for almost five months right before my twentieth birthday, but my body let go of the child. The devastation of that day still haunts me. In fact,frequently think about how old my son or daughter would be now. Every time that thought crosses my mind, I sink into a depression and wonder: why can’t I do something so basic as have a child?

How can I get rid of my yearning for a child so the pain will stop? Thankfully, as the years have gone by, I worry less about the answers to questions and focus more on my desire to be a mother.

I even went to a fertility clinic and went through all of the exams. I was stunned when they showed I possessed the physical parts needed to create life. My PCOS did produce a few cysts on my ovaries, including a hemorrhagic one, but none of them pressed on or were blocking anything essential. And the drugs I’d been taking for years, to address my other medical problems, actually cleared up the inflammation affecting my uterus and regulated my cycle.

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